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Welcome to Legacy's Guild Wars 2 web site!
Welcome to the Legacy website. We're a Guild Wars 2 guild, playing on the Desolation server.
Kristle / Oct 22, 2012
I've given Tol and Gil full permissions for running the GW2 guild as they are both playing the game more regularly than other officers.

Ee has also changed permissions so that anyone can now recruit new members.

Hopefully, these changes will mean that a few more members can be added in the coming weeks and months if that's what is needed to get a few more events running.

FWIW I've got a few things to deal with at work atm and want to play Planetside 2 at launch so I'm not as focussed on GW2 as I should be. I'm sure Tol and Gil will be able to keep things running - thanks guys!
Eewyn / Aug 20, 2012
Hello all,

With less than a week to go Guild Wars 2 is nearly upon us. Starting Saturday 25th August for those that have pre ordered and have the three day head start and Tuesday 28th August for the official launch.

We will be playing on the Desolation server, so if anyone wants to join the guild this is the server you'll need to be on!

Lets hope this game can be more of a success for us than Star Wars!