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#5762075 Mar 08, 2012 at 12:21 AM
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If anyone needs a decent DPS build for Sage HERE it is.

It's based on Telekinetic Throw, Weaken Mind and The Force in Balance spamming untill you get the Presence of Mind buff.

Telekinetic Throw - Periodic, high DPS skill restoring both HP and Force. Plus slows your target down.
Weaken Mind - Low DMG DoT which on crits grants you the Psychic Projection which allows your next Tele Throw to channel and tick twice as fast.
The Force in Balance - Hits up to 3 enemies healing you for ~125 HP for target. Puts Force Suppression which makes your target/s receive 20% more DMG from next 10 periodics.

When you get the Presence of Mind you can use:
- Disturbance - Max 1100 DMG + Power restoring increased by 10% (stacks up to 3 times)
- Mind Crash - Max 1000 DMG + 1400 8s DoT
- Telekinetic Wave - Max 1500 DMG AoE up to 5 targets

And that's it, hope you'll enjoy it.
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