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After grouping up with an experienced group, and tearing through Draigoch on Bullroarer, as odd as this is going to sound, I think the reduced morale actually improved the fight overall.

Wait, what?

The other change that was made, the claws do more damage now than they did before. The tank also commented that the head seemed to be doing more damage. This takes the dynamic of the fight, and shifts it so that the CJs are now priority. Instead of getting all 12 completed by the end of phase 2, you are now much more likely to complete all of the claw and body CJs by the end of phase 2, then use the final ones in Phase 3 - so the problem becomes NOT doing enough damage to Draigoch to allow the CJs to hit, then burning down the broken battered husk that remains (We had around 1M morale left after the last CJ), rather than doing 12 CJs, and then having another 3M morale to chew through. The changes felt like we were spending more time wailing on the body, and less time in the tunnels, so the fight seemed to be more of a fun encounter, and less of a long drawn out affair that we know of now.

The end result: Draigoch is now a solid level 75 raid proving ground for Isengard.

For those wondering about the specifics:

The body now has around 6.4M, claws feel like they've had their morale reduced significantly (yet their DPS output increased).
Strat wise, captains are going to want to do some "Stance-Dancing" with the brother skills in Phase 3 (Shield on the claws, Blade on the Body). Shield Brother + R8 Banner is enough to keep the group going should a main healer eat it in Phase 3 - especially if the captain is NOT traited blue.
Group's Claw DPS goal is now three claws with damage on the fourth before Draigoch Hops, and the same in Phase 3.
Healers now have more pressure put on them. I would expect all competent raiding captains and healers to be able to help their raid groups through it so that they don't notice the damage increase. This might be problematic in PUGs, though.
CJs are the same as ever.

Forgot to add, the Final CJs do about a half a million damage per final CJ. Raid leaders need to budget between a half million to a million body morale as a buffer so you don't kill him before the 12th CJ is entered, because it's too easy to do that now.

Thresholds seem to be about at the same place (relative). We were in phase 2 at 4M Morale with 8 CJs entered, so I would guess between 66-75% for the Phase 2 Threshold, with roughly 50% as the Phase 3 Threshold (which was the next CJ cycle). If you're on the ball with CJs, this fight is gonna run insanely fast, knock him off the wall 3-4 Times, and you're in Phase 3 - with most of the damage being CJ damage.

Edit 2:
New Loot. Not only do we get scrolls that have single use recipes in them (that you need to open to see what the recipe is), I think there's also some new ear rings and other stuff there.
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