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Anything LoTRO related.
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Know something we don't? New mounts, class skills, reputation? Post it here.
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The place for anything related to raiding and DKP, including tactics and guides.
New festival? Want a social event or deed night? And check out the Lotto result!
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Discussion of anything related to the skirmish system or the classic instances.
Kinship ForumsThreadsPostsLast Post
Kin news and announcements. PLEASE do not use this forum to post news unless you are an officer - but please feel free to comment on news=)
Say hello to the kin.
Any feedback or suggestions in here please, so we can improve the website.
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Know something new about Star Wars? Post it here.
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All info about raids and legacy DKP here!
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Class discussion, hints, tips, experience and any questions.
A place to discuss and learn the enw crew skills in SWTOR.
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News regarding Guild Wars 2
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WvWvW and Battleground discussion.
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Guardian is OP
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