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Classic instances and skirmishes

Raid skirmish "problem"

Turns out the loot has a weekly lock on each skirmish.The loot is also categorized by skirmish campaign, so if some loot drops that you want, you will be able to find out which skirms it could drop in
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Tolfast21895Small Wardo 10y
Classic instances and skirmishes

Great Barrow Survival

I still have the deeds for 3 man 6 man and 12 man survival.Is there anyone else who feels a terrible burning sensation to do them ?If so then pls reply with a sharp witted comment and hopefully one of the less useless officers will create an event!
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Classic instances and skirmishes

Superior Third Marks

After running the giant and drake wings of Hele last night for the first time (challenge mode on both completed on first attempt - gz to us:) I wondered why we didn't get any superior third marks. The STMs are needed for all the classic armour so ...
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