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New to the kin? Say hello!

Lo guys

Lo guys Iv joined so far with 3 chars capt,lm,hunt but have mini.guard if needed all have lovly setups & been playing since late beta so I know my way around my chars. Im just comeing back off a rest break & tend to be very active once I g...
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New to the kin? Say hello!

Hello also

I am Tubd/ Balkis....Mins/hunter. I was in the kin a while ago but did not follow through the move from DT as I was playing RIFT at the time. I live in Suffolk with husband Nightchill and 2 kids. I love to raid but have not managed OD in HM all th...
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New to the kin? Say hello!


haha first post :D well if people dont know me or havent met me ingame im Nick every toon that starts with that, thats meshort about myself, im 25 live in Odense Denmark, no work so alot of gaming time, i play darts which means alot to me and i li...
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