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I've left kin aswell. Whoever is still playing lotro can always give me a shout if they need me.I hope you lightsaberlovers have good time amongst the stars! Im not a fan of that genre so won't be joining.Axe
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With no sign ups on raids and the events pages changed to support the SW:TOR am I right in thinking that LOTRO has all but ceased in the guild? I am only asking so that NC and I can decide what to do with our selves.
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Infite penetrating shots -pew-pew-pew-pew!

Don't have a high level hunter so I can't test this myself , but apprantly there is a clever way to swap between armour sets and do a lot of damage in just a couple of seconds.More details here:
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i am leaving the kin aswell, no players online etc etc. will probobly follow dom and thrar to riddleslike thrar said its been years with some of u, so thx for all the good times we shared doing everything from farming shier slugs on our 8th char t...
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Hello guys, I’m leaving the kin and moving to Riddles in the Dark. It’s obvious you guys lost what little interest you still had in lotro and I doubt that will change anytime soon. I’m definitely not going to play swtor – I want to continue playin...
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LOTRO remnants

I was wondering if there was a day when those of us who are not playing Star Wars might happily expect to see the other remnants on line. As any one who logs in now will know it is depressing finding no one on line in guild all the time, so I wond...
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Watch out for emote rolls!

Hi all,Rumor is that people use emote rolls with some gui trick to make an emote roll look like a real roll. I Don't have the details on the gui trick (nor do I want them) .Current advice is to change the standard color in your text colors to some...
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Legacy XFIRE group

HEREIf you use xfire, please add yourself - if you don't try to get it (especially if you raid - helps us contact people).
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As many of you will have noticed, while once a regular raider (or as regular as work allowed), my attendance has dropped to zero of late.The reason for this is that, for me, the fun had gone out of it. In fact, the last couple of raids I attended ...
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Rise of Isengard Instance Drops

Found a page where it shows most of the loot which can be found in RoI. Also has a page on it which shows which Skirmishes drops which item, so thought it might be useful.Instance LootAlso another site which seems to show the outcome of the recipe...
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PS3 - Assassin's Creed: Revelations (Beta Key)

Hey all,If anyone has a PS3 and would like to play in the AC:R Beta, here is my key:9QCK-E7N9-PA691. Sign into your PSN Account2. Visit the PS Store and select Redeem Codes3. Enter the code4. Follow the on screen instructions5. Once completed the ...
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PC/Net prbs

Guys, between work and connection problems I'm having hard time for raids, couple this with a failing main drive, not sure when I cam fully commit again. This is pissing me off, never mind the team. I'll update again as and when I can.Sorry to all...
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OD Gorth T2 HM Kill video!

Hey guys,I made a video of our Gortheron T2 HM kill, enjoy....
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Away for a few weeks

I am very busy at work right now and will be working late on most nights for a few weeks i think. Good luck on raids guys.
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Just thought that I would post a farewell.I didn't accidentally hit the Quit button on the kin panel, it was intentional. I have my reasons for going and I have said as much to those concerned.I won't be back. All the best and take care.
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Summer Schedule

Brace yourselves guys!This is just an FYI since I'm not under house arrest this summer I'm actually doing stuff, my band and I are touring the festivals ... I won't be available between:07.18. - 07.23 08.01. - 08.0608.08. - 08.1308.19. - 08.2008.2...
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Codemasters Data Stolen

In a report by the BBC, Codemasters has confirmed that “the personal details of thousands of people have been stolen…” which includes names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. However, thankfully payment information was not compromised....
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Raiding - Signing up and dropping

I have previously spoken of my feelings on signing up to raids and people cherry picking their attendance to raids. I'm going to ask for a definitive response to this as I believe it should be fair, representative and reward those who put in the e...
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Update 3 - Bullroarer Release Notes New Shinies
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Through Turbine's palantír: Developers outline LotRO's future

Dunno if you guys saw that but it looks interesting ^^ those who can't be arsed :BThe centerpiece of Update 3 comes in the form of four brand-new...
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