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Necro sPvP Build

Hey,Someone asked to try out my build so I thought I would make a quick post explaining it as its not just a 'spam moar bleeds' and prey kinda build.Build:;TsAAzCpo+y8l4L7Xuvkft8...
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Tournaments - who is interested?

Hi Guys,I really want to get into tournaments in PvP, the problem is there seems to be so few of us who want the same. Tournaments in PvP are difficult and require some practice with your chosen build in the pug sPvP games first, so you kind of ca...
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PvP blog- Upcoming features tournaments are on the way where you can win gems as well as chests etc. However these will be full of the top teams, so we need a LOT of practice. The good news is though, once these ...
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Tournament PvP Maps

I am currently looking at possible initial attack/defend strategies and this is what I have come up with. This is currently taking into consideration the following team setup so slight changes will need to be done depending on classesTeam of 3: Gu...
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PvP Mystic Forge armour recipes.

Here is a list of the mats required for the various tiers of armour for each rank bracket.
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How to kill a thief

Or at least what to look out for
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