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Raids, drops and DKP

Kristle / Feb 20, 2012
We've had a chance to see what works - and what doesn't - with raids. Time for some changes. As always, we will apply commonsense and see how these work - please feel free to comment.

Please bear in mind two things: we can't fit more than 8 people in a raid, and there is more to grouping in the guild than just raids - not everyone is able to get HM and WZ groups so please spread some love:)

The changes:

  • Raids invites will start at 7.20 and raids at 7.30 UK time
  • Sign ups will be cut off at 6.30 PM UK time
  • Groups will be selected on the basis of:
  1. how many times people have dropped
  2. how hard the raid is - for new or very hard fights we may take better geared players until we have it under control
  3. class balance - both the classes we need and we will try to have at least 1 of each class so loot is never wasted
  4. DKP - if you have high DKP and therefore 'deserve' a piece you will have a better chance of a spot
  • If you are asked to drop you will now get FULL (35) DKP
  • We will bear in mind that all classes have a DPS line (but see 2 above)
  • If you are not asked to drop, but you want to (bad day at work?), you will lose 10DKP (ie you will get 25 not 35 DKP for the event)
  • The DKP price is set and will apply to all Rakata gear

Hopefully that will solve some problems.

Finally, DKP in the EV/KP pool is likely to carry forward to any new raids.


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