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More SWTOR events

Kristle / Feb 22, 2012
Some new events and refinements to the way we plan:

  • We'll put up a guild Ilum night on Saturday - all welcome:) Thanks to Tol for this idea.
  • We'll do a normal mode Op on Wednesday - this will not be DKP, but gives those who have hit 50 (mains or alts) a chance to start getting gear. (We may do another on a different night but this will be organised on the night.)
  • We'll keep 3 main raid nights. These will usually be EV and KP on Tues and Thurs (we'll rotate each week) with Sunday to mop up any content we haven't cleared. We will occasionally move this around to help players who can't make some nights;
That leaves Friday and Monday - we may use one of these for a HM/NMare if we need to - if we do, it will be put up on the calendar and announced on Twitter so watch out for these:)



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