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New Op in 1.2!

Kristle / Mar 15, 2012
Explosive conflict – new operation with 1.2

  • It is going to be harder than the current raiding content and will involve a lot more coordination and execution rather than just gear/stat checks.
  • Takes place on Denova, it will be a Tier 2 raid (KP and EV are tier 1 raids)
  • Nightmare mode of Explosive Conflict will not be launched with patch 1.2. It will come after and feature new/additional mechanics on the nightmare difficulty and offer new additional gear tier different from hardmode.
  • We are also renaming the “normal” mode difficulty we have right now to “story” mode to give a better reflection of the difficulty. This is not a mode for guild progression but rather a mode to experience the story and socialize.
  • Story mode of new raid is not too gear dependent
  • Can reverse engineer operation gear for appearances

Need to kill SOA in Nightmare then we can concentrate on this new raid:)


I like the sound of this new raid, and from what can be seen it looks good! Cant wait for it. Should do nightmares to stay in shape for it!
It does sound good and I hope it lives up to expectation, if not I will unsub I think.
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