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Can we get some decisions on raiding?

Are we going to carry on?
If we are, are we going to change times / days?

I think quite a few people have had enough of SWTOR, but I know I would at least like to finish the raid in HM if possible. As Kris pointed out I think a big problem at the mo is people's subs running out (mine included) which are unlikely to be renewed.

I think maybe we are at a cross roads with SWTOR, its a shame how much they screwed it up :(
I can tell you my opinion. I am renewing my sub and continuing to play. I still enjoy the game alot and I will continue raiding even if you guys dont. I have 2 raid ready chars and plenty of offers to do raids with pug grps around. But ofc i still wont waste my locks untill final decision is made
Personally I feel that some people aren't really interested in playing much more SWTOR (me included). And its not fair to keep those that do want to play and raid waiting around for us to decide. So I think the best thing for those people is to go ahead and join other groups / guilds in SWTOR. Obviously keep in contact with us ect. I get the impression that most people aren't too bothered about raiding, they will help if we manage to get enough, but don't really have any desire to do so. And it's not fun without people having any enthusiasm.

I think we are currently only raiding one night a week, if that, at the moment. Which, in my opinion, is not enough to have series attempts at the last bosses in EC HM. It takes us 1 to 2 hours to kill the first boss, another 30 minutes on trash and by then most people want to stop. Giving us two attempts at the second boss, and that's it for the week. No progress there. PvP can be fun when we get 4 people running warzones but there's only so much mindless smashing you can do for no rewards.

I won't be renewing my sub when it is up and will probably dabble around in LotRO until GW2 is released, perhaps pick up Diablo 3 as well. I think most people from the guild will be at least trying GW2, which hopefully will hold our attention spans for longer than 6 months.

I think its important to note that while we have lost a lot of players over recent months, mainly from LotRO, we should all do what we can to keep the guild alive. Most of us have been in several kins/guilds over the years, and for me this has to be the best one.

Thats enough warm fuzzy stuff from me.... resuming cynical / cold self.
Group Hug :P

Totally agree though we need to try and hold the people together :)

If we get enough people in lotro I will happily run instances with people just give me a shout. I will probably pick up diablo 3 too so it would be nice for us to get some group play on there.

Roll on GW2
My diablo box is somewhere in airplane now. So you wont mind if I waste me locks in some 16 man pugs with sr/invictus?
Tbh, Its hard to get interested in getting it done when most of the people will not play this game a month from now. Having said that, it would be nice if we get it together and have ec done. Personally, i probably can raid every day apart from wednesdays unless something comes up. i don't mind raiding for 3 hours if its necessary. Its not a problem for me.

As a Swtor kin we are in a bit difficult position. Clearly we are lacking numbers atm. If one person is not available we usually cannot raid. We can't really invite any people just because the kin will probably cease to exist if few months. So its a bit lose/lose situation.

Anyway, looking ahead atm Ithe chances are i will not be trying Guild Wars II, i probably won't re-sub swtor aswell (seeing that only 1 person wants to stay)
Bara this week, if you have a chance to raid with someone just go for it, er'll see if we can get radi going on tuesday
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