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Kristle / Mar 15, 2012
Explosive conflict – new operation with 1.2

  • It is going to be harder than the current raiding content and will involve a lot more coordination and execution rather than just gear/stat checks.
  • Takes place on Denova, it will be a Tier 2 raid (KP and EV are tier 1 raids)
  • Nightmare mode of Explosive Conflict will not be launched with patch 1.2. It will come after and feature new/additional mechanics on the nightmare difficulty and offer new additional gear tier different from hardmode.
  • We are also renaming the “normal” mode difficulty we have right now to “story” mode to give a better reflection of the difficulty. This is not a mode for guild progression but rather a mode to experience the story and socialize.
  • Story mode of new raid is not too gear dependent
  • Can reverse engineer operation gear for appearances

Need to kill SOA in Nightmare then we can concentrate on this new raid:)
Kristle / Feb 22, 2012
Some new events and refinements to the way we plan:

  • We'll put up a guild Ilum night on Saturday - all welcome:) Thanks to Tol for this idea.
  • We'll do a normal mode Op on Wednesday - this will not be DKP, but gives those who have hit 50 (mains or alts) a chance to start getting gear. (We may do another on a different night but this will be organised on the night.)
  • We'll keep 3 main raid nights. These will usually be EV and KP on Tues and Thurs (we'll rotate each week) with Sunday to mop up any content we haven't cleared. We will occasionally move this around to help players who can't make some nights;
That leaves Friday and Monday - we may use one of these for a HM/NMare if we need to - if we do, it will be put up on the calendar and announced on Twitter so watch out for these:)

Kristle / Feb 20, 2012
We've had a chance to see what works - and what doesn't - with raids. Time for some changes. As always, we will apply commonsense and see how these work - please feel free to comment.

Please bear in mind two things: we can't fit more than 8 people in a raid, and there is more to grouping in the guild than just raids - not everyone is able to get HM and WZ groups so please spread some love:)

The changes:

  • Raids invites will start at 7.20 and raids at 7.30 UK time
  • Sign ups will be cut off at 6.30 PM UK time
  • Groups will be selected on the basis of:
  1. how many times people have dropped
  2. how hard the raid is - for new or very hard fights we may take better geared players until we have it under control
  3. class balance - both the classes we need and we will try to have at least 1 of each class so loot is never wasted
  4. DKP - if you have high DKP and therefore 'deserve' a piece you will have a better chance of a spot
  • If you are asked to drop you will now get FULL (35) DKP
  • We will bear in mind that all classes have a DPS line (but see 2 above)
  • If you are not asked to drop, but you want to (bad day at work?), you will lose 10DKP (ie you will get 25 not 35 DKP for the event)
  • The DKP price is set and will apply to all Rakata gear

Hopefully that will solve some problems.

Finally, DKP in the EV/KP pool is likely to carry forward to any new raids.