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Kristle / Nov 26, 2011
We will have a LoTRO update and new raid in December, just at th time that SWTOR launches. A lot of people will be playing SWTOR - I for one am looking forward to a change of scenery and a new challenge.

However, this hopefully will not affect our LoTRO raiding and there is no intention to abandon LoTRO. Clearly, though, there are likely to be fewer people in LoTRO on those nights that we are not raiding.

Hopefully, this will not cause major problems for anyone - everyone has taken breaks from LoTRO and played other games at some point and this shouldn't be any different.

I would recommend SWTOR to anyone who is thinking of playing it but is undecided - it's lots of fun. We also have plans for SWTOR PvE and PvP raids/events.

This will be the first time that the kin has seriously played a game as well as LoTRO and there are bound to be a few issues, but hopefully we can keep moving forward with both games:)

Kristle / Nov 05, 2011
According to the SWTOR website, Legacy is 'Ready for Deployment'. From the website:

During this phase, guilds that meet certain criteria will be transferred into the game. Your guild’s mini-site and forums will remain available on the website.

Shortly before Early Game Access begins, we will be bringing an end to the Pre-Launch Guild Program as we prepare guilds for import into the game.

Looking good for launch:)