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  • We raid weekly, usually 3 or 4 nights a week (Thurs, Fri, Sun and sometimes Tues) depending on what instances we are running. Our start time is usually 7PM BST. You do not have to raid all the time - we know people have a RL and don't always want to raid.
  • We use an event calendar so everyone can see what raids are coming up and can sign themselves up for raids.
  • We rarely take PUGs on raids – we keep it to kin.
  • Our focus will always be on whatever the current end game content is.
  • The kin is not limited to the raid group – there are always people online when you want to just level alts, craft or just relax:) The more casual players also raid with us from time to time.
  • We use DKP for loot. The system is simple and rewards participation – the more you raid, the better your chance of getting the gear.
  • No-one is guaranteed a spot in the raid – it will depend on the classes we need to get the boss done.
  • We use Team Speak 3 for comms. You do not have to talk if you prefer not to, but you must be able to listen on Team Speak.

You will need to demonstrate a commitment to raiding by:

1) being prepared
If you sign up for raids, you should make sure you have adequate supplies and you must do your best to join on time.

2) developing your character
A well developed character is a must for end game content.